Consultation & Guidance

Consultation and Guidance for Culinary Venues:

Pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard specializes in designing dessert menus for restaurants, coffee shops and different culinary venues such as bars and banquet halls.  Chef Shvartzbard is an expert in formulating the ideal menu for each business and creating a dessert menu that has a profitable food cost.

Among others, chef Shvartzbard has provided culinary services to: Toto, Bertie, Sheila, David & Joseph Downtown, Café Noir Group (Sebastian, Café Noir, The Fourth Floor), Meat Bar,the Agadir chain,the Giraffe chain,chef Moshe Segev, the Hudson restaurant and the Tapeo restaurant.

Product Development for Institutions:

Pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard has mastered the art of converting hand-made desserts and final courses into outstanding dishes that can be produced en mass by institutions. Chef Shvartzbard teaches how to create new and exciting Kosher dessert menus that can be prepared in an industrial kitchen using commercial tools.  He also helps institutions build a new and creative ‘tool box’ that allows them to deliver top end gourmet desserts.

Chef Shvartzbard’s industrial clients include:   Aroma Israel, Strauss, Unilever Israel, the Dan Gourmet school, Continental Airlines.

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