Gourmet pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard is one of Israel’s leading culinary experts. Chef Shvartzbard provides consultation for restaurants, teaches culinary seminars and is involved in new product development. Most recently he opened his own boutique catering company.

Chef Shvartzbard’s professional path as a pastry expert began over 20 years ago in the prestigious Tadmor culinary school. After completing his studies he further enriched his skills by working with the most renowned chefs in Israel. He worked at the Levana restaurant, the Golden Apple restaurant and the Apple in the Garden restaurant run by chef Israel Aharoni. Later he became the pastry chef in the Roshfeld restaurant managed by chef Jonathan Roshfeld. Chef Shvartzbard expanded his repertoire by studying in leading gourmet culinary schools in Europe where he acquired the precision, professionalism and uniqueness that characterize his work.

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Throughout his career, chef Shvartzbard has continuously attended leading culinary schools in Europe in order to expand his knowledge and expertise.  Among others, he has attended the following institutions:
Lenotre, Paris – ongoing apprenticeship.
Fabbri Italy – Italiano Gelato – specialization in Italian ice-cream.
Unifine doheler, Belgium – Chocolatier course.
Frrandi, Paris – ongoing apprenticeship. Studied under dessert master Pierre Herme.
Gourmets Valrhona, Paris– ongoing apprenticeship.

Driven by a commitment to originality and creativity, chef Shvartzbard seizes every opportunity to add to his repertoire in the field of chocolate and ice-cream.  His pastries are testimony to his ongoing innovation.

In 2003, chef Shvartzbard opened the Arno baking and pastry boutique.  Arno offered cakes that were true art pieces- they were impeccably precise, impressive and fantastically delicious.

Today chef Shvartzbard is a consultant to gourmet restaurants and pastry shops in Israel and abroad.  He specializes in designing desert menus customized for each business.  He also runs a small, top quality boutique catering shop that mainly produces desserts  for private and business functions.

In addition, Chef Shvartzbard co-authors cookbooks, writes recipes and develops products for institutions.  He is especially remembered for his appearance in the Israeli Master Chef program (third season) where he guided the participants in preparing the challenging “Atlas” dish.


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